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Greetings from the Burten-Burtin-Burton Family Reunion 2018,
 Mississippi Committee!

The summer of 2018 is approaching and we are preparing to host, entertain and share the love for the south with you.

Your Mississippi Committee is making plans for July 20-22, 2018. 
The theme is "Strength and Love is the Heart of Family"

If you would like to personally receive the 2018 registration by mail or email, 
please send your information to Rose Mason at 
or text to (708) 649-9183 and we will forward. 
Your information will also be added to the database for future events.

We would like to introduce the Mississippi Committee Members:
Rose Mason    Vanessa Bryson-Watkins    Peter Woods 
Shelley Montgomery    Jacqueline Palmer    Mary Wilson

Family reunions are an opportunity for families to come together and reminisce,
 share laughters and make life lasting memories. 

We the Mississippi Committee will see you in 2018! 

Until then, we wish you love, peace and soul!!!

Rose Mason